When He Finds A Good Woman He Find Favors


Couples-in-Love-love-stories-15142653-500-356You are more than a pretty face or a shapely body. You embody the very substance of what your mate needs to be all that he was purposed to be in this world, as he does the same for you. Just being in each other presence should exude this.

This substance can not be purchased nor can you lose it, because it is essentially in the CORE of YOU!

This would include every part of each of you, the good, bad and the ugly. There isn’t any perfect human being; however, I believe there was only one.

The two becoming one brings about a monument of changes for the both of you. Each life is affected on many different levels and that relationship comes first above all others.


When I was a child, I was taught, “ He that finds a wife finds a good thing and favor with it.” I found it to be very important that we as women know what we possess and we should prepare ourselves to give fb113addb7b47bb2c304f3a8c6dff4acfreely to our mate.

Embracing yourself and positioning yourself to embrace your mate is essential to the proper development of your relationship. We should be willing to express and share all that we are with our mate and feel completely free in doing so.

I believe we should be able to freely fall backwards into their arms (metaphorically) and perhaps actually free fall into their arms.

We should be able to bare our souls with them and them alone. We should seek to be in that comfortable place with them. This should happen for the husband and wife.



Do you consider yourself to be a good thing?

What do you know about yourself?

What is the level of your commitment?

Are you willing to lay down your life for your mate?

Are you willing to forsake all others in order to embrace your mate completely?

Are you willing to make him/her feel like they are the only man/woman in the world?

Do you have the ability to forgive your mate and continue to love?


There are a number of questions you should ask of yourself during this examination. It is vital that you are willing to be open and honest with yourself first and then your mate. It doesn’t help you to not express how you really feel to your mate, when you are holding those feeling inside.  Communicating directly with your mate is essential.

It doesn’t help your relationship to tell the world if you fail to informimage-of-love-couple-19 the person that you love nor is it clear to infer a feeling.  Be bold enough to tell them directly.  If you really love someone, you would not be afraid to tell them directly.

There is strength in the sanctity of your love.  In fact, there is so much that rest within the core of your love.  Being willing to be free in that is important to actually gain the benefits of the love that you share.


Yes, there is a when and a where and a how to all things. The two of you should identify the place and or space that where you are able to bare all. It can not and should not be in front of your children.  If you have any; however, I do feel that your children should witness you working differences out, because you are teaching them how to work through difficult issues with people that they will love and people in general.

But arguing and shouting with no end in sight, isn’t fruitful for you nor your children.  Being willing to agree to disagree is good.  Each person have their opinion and that should be respected.

Sometimes you will agree and sometimes you will not, but ensure that your love space never becomes the place of being disagreeable.

We are giving our children presents all the time weather they are good presents or not. By presents, I mean that you are giving them bits of information and they are receiving it; therefore, we should be cognizant of how we are presenting ourselves before them.

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