Sharing Our Hearts and Considering Others


Far too often we have love ones, our spouses, close family members and friends that go off to serve in the military and we realize how much we miss them, when they are not present.   It is incumbent upon us to share our hearts in their presence and inform them how much they are cherished and loved.


CoupleMilitaryThere have been many things that people who serve our country have reported they experienced, while on duty. I was reading something earlier that provoked me to think about how I missed my family members when they were away servicing our great country.


I also thought about how we should cherish those moments we have with those that embraces us and who we embrace. Always share your heart and inform them that they are loved.


Life can be so fleeting. I think of the families that loss their love ones in Florida, as a result of man’s MilitaryFather&Daughterhatred towards a group of people that were different from him. My heart greaves for those families that loss their family member in the shooting, and we should stop and think about how we are embracing the people around us. I prayed and pray for each of the families. I encourage you to do the same because we should as a fellow human and secondly, that could have been you and it could have been me in the same situation. Let us cover those families with our prayers.


We are not required to like every person that we meet, but we certainly have no business hating anyone. It is simply sad that a human being could look upon another human and decide it is just time to kill them because…


HomeIsWhereTheHeartIsWe all have an opportunity to do something good, something great and to be kind because we have a soul that should exude consideration for others. If after examining ourselves we find this is an area of concern, we should address be very intentional about address what we find.  Our world is what we make it to be. I would love to see more love demonstrated.

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