Prioritizing Your Relationship


It has been said that women are great at accompanying their friends and partners, but when they get married all of that change and they don’t feel they need to accompany their husband to different events and vacations, because they may feel overwhelmed with cleaning the house, household chores like cooking and taking care of the children.

323301928-generosity-recipient-thankfulness-bistroI do not know of any woman that would prefer to complete chores over going out with her husband or certainly not go on a vacation; which is a relief from all of the aforementioned stressful things.

It is remarkable to spend time engaging in activities together, as a couple. It will foster intimacy and unity in the relationship. It also keeps the necessary spice in the relationship.

During this time each partner can also access the other partner’s strength and weakness. Gaining this knowledge allows for each partner to see and understand what is needed; therefore they can then provide the strength where it is necessary.

The desire to be with your husband should not change. Your relationship is the priority; therefore your husband is the priority. Whatever your husband needs are, you should be willing to meet his desires in the bedroom, kitchen, office and to every arena he desires for you to accompany him.

The husband has the same responsibility. He must be willing to provide you with the things you are requesting of him in the bedroom, kitchen, office and to every area you desire for him to accompany you.

Your love safe should be so secure that if you are unaware of how your spouse wants certain things, you will ask! Not knowing doesn’t take away from you as a spouse, but asking and securing the information that you need to empower your relationship, only adds to your arsenal of satisfaction. This is the essence of being unified and married as the saying goes, “…and the two became one.”

romantic-dinner-valentineHusbands or wives should have to give up their desires or dreams unless it impedes upon the spousal unit. It is should be simply understood that the two will each have to make adjustments in order to become one.

Therefore, yes some previous plans and goals may have to be adjusted, of course this is understood or should be.

These things should be discussed and each party should gain a very clear understanding of each other desires, needs and how to approach the goal.

Your spouse should have the security of knowing that no other relationship takes priority over your spousal unit. The family structured is the spouse, children and then extended family and others.

Sometimes you may have to forsake others in order to priorities the family unit and certainly, the marital unit.

You have to understand and know that when you step into a relationship at any level, your presence brings a present (gift). You are a gift and therefore you should give freely.

You possess a gift or several gifts and each person brings that special something (gift) to the relationship and each should be celebrated.

However, if the special gifts are never discovered or shared, the relationship will suffer, because someone decided or felt it was not a necessary ingredient for the relationship.

It is most important that couples take the necessary time to engage in many different types of activities; however, they should agree upon them and be open about how they each feel.

couple-1363959__180Whatever you are desire from your spouse you should go your spouse and clearly ask them, so that they are very clear and are given the proper opportunity to provide you with what you desire.

The discovery is a beautiful way of learning and fully engulfing the essence of your spouse. When you are willing to be harmonious with your spouse at every level of intimacy, you will find yourself satisfied.

However, this will require both parties being willing to give of themselves unselfishly in the relationship. This level of giving will yield untold measures of benefits.


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