Keeping Your Relationship Safe


elderly-loving-couples-are-simply-adorable-it-makes-me-realize-that-true-love-can-and-does-last-foreverI was looking at a photo of an older couple and they reminded me of my grandparent’s relationship; which was simple beautiful. There is a lot to be said for those that really find their soul mate and live their lives together. I have always admired observing couples interacting and not being afraid of demonstrating their love.


Our world can be a very cold place, but seeing love demonstrated is always encouraging. I want that kind of love that my grandparents had. The names they gave each other could have been a bit much for some to hear and understand the beauty in it; but it was beautiful. They taught me so much and I am eternally grateful that I was graced with them being in my life.


It is a good thing to know that when you reach to grab your love one’s hand they will embrace it and truly want to hold you, as well. Of course, there is something in the touch of your soul mate.


There will be many hands that you will touch over the course of your life; however, none will ever feel like that of your soul mate. Even hearing their voice can cause goose bumps and a feeling that is indescribable.


Being with that person is so important to complete your purpose together and to be whole. I now understand many of the things that observed of my grandparents. They were really unified in every way.

I know that there are times that spouses will disagree, because you are individuals, but I know from observing them that you can state your concerns and listen to the other party and move forward in love.


This is another thing that I observed of them. They did not yell at each other. They communicated with each other and their home was peaceful and filled with love. This is possible for all homes, if we just work at.


I talk about how there should be this identifiable place where the two can go to discuss anything, and I call that place the bubble. In the bubble, the rules are clear. Giving each other a chance to disrobe and bare their hearts or concerns; however, they need to express it, with respect of the other spouse or person.


2thebublleThis should be a safe place for each individual to express himself or herself. Upon entering the bubble there should be a desire to conclude the matter and leave in unity. The purpose of the bubble is to safeguard all discussion from others that should not be apart of your discussion, such as children, guest, and other family members. The bubble is for the safety of the marital unit.  Though this would be very nice to have sitting in your yard, you don’t have to have a bubble, literally.   Wherever your decide your special place to discuss all subject, it should be safe for both parties.

Yes, love is wonderful and beautiful thing to behold and certainly to have. I pray that all marriages are blessed and couples realize the power of their love and unity.

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