Integrating Family-Living-Work


Integrating Family-Living-and Work

You maybe asking yourself, can this really be done?  I know that it can.  This does not mean that there will not be some trials and errors; however, we are here to help you minimize as many of those as possible, by providing you with great tools and support.

For a long time it felt as if I had to work long hours in order to accomplish the goals of living at a level of comfort that I desired and often times, it yet feels that way; however, I am reminded that having a plan that allows for business, family and new technology to integrate has been well worth the initial ground work and investment.

I had the privilege of growing up around people who believed in producing.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to witness what having a good work ethic can produce.

However, due to great technology, we are now afforded an opportunity to literally work less and earn more by making the right investments.  My work ethic and level of commitment to the task at hand worked very well for me for a number of years; however, there came a time that my health was being compromised.

I looked at my husband and children and thought, what would happen if I was no longer around to enjoy them.  Secondly, the question remained, was I really available enough to enjoy them at the level I desired or they deserved.

I have always been ambitious; however, there is a place for ambition and I did not want to compromise my family nor my health any longer.  In fact, the doctor told me that I had to make a decision about if I wanted to continue living.

He also stated that he felt as if, I thought that I was ten people, by the way I was working.  At the time I did not feel like I had any other options.

I was blessed with a beautiful family and I wanted to be there for them in every way possible.  I have always had a very strong sense of family focus.  I want my children to have what I did not or could not.

I want to be able to travel as our family desires.  This was and yet remains very important to me and I have discovered a way for this to happen for not just us, but you and your family, as well.

There comes a point in time that we must ask ourselves the following question:

  • Why are we creating businesses, if we will not enjoy the fruits of  them?
  • Do we want to enjoy the fruit of our labor?
  • Who are we doing it for?

There should always be a purpose by which we create and we as parents, partners, spouses should keep in mind those that mean the most to us in this world, that can feel utterly cold and bitter.  Therefore, let’s make a decision to utilize new technology that allows us to do what we love and when we desire to do it.

When I think about the first question, I could come up with many answers, alone.  However, if the business removes you from the purpose of being present for your family, you have to ask yourself, as I did, who is it for.

If you are too tired to enjoy the benefits of having your own business, why are you doing it?  These questions should provoke every business owner to think more about how integrating family and new technology into our business decision processes.

Integrating our desires to create, develop, enjoy our families, give back to our communities and live, can be done.  This is just a nugget to consider, as you continue to create a source of income to help you enjoy what is most important.

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