How Important Is The Other Half Of You?


One day I was thinking of how my husband viewed our relationship and I thought,
“Family is very important to him as it is to me. He understand he is to provide and protect; while considering my desires to help in this provision if needed. He works toward ensuring that our immediate family structure is functioning at a healthy level.”  However, I too have a desire to participate in this development.  I
want him to know I am present to cover him, as well.


He believes in a team effort. I must say that there is nothing more beautiful than to witness a husbandand wife deciding how they will approach a task and working together to accomplishing it. They eachunderstand their roles in effort. They understand they are not competing they are simply completing each to obtain a great win.

Far too, often competition becomes the underlining issue in marriages and often times, it goes without being examined by the couple. Each individual in a relationship, should make an effort to study the other and gain an understand of how they process information and how they communicate their feelings and desires.


We may find that what they are communicating is a bit different from how we may have gone about it. No matter how you get an understanding, it should be very important to do all you can to understand what your spouse is communicating.  Sometimes, it is about communicating more effectively and certainly

being willing to compromise.  Sometimes you will need to get away, just the two of you getting away to spend necessary quality time together.

This requires taking the time to step outside of how we are looking at an issue to how he or she could be viewing it. However, trying to optain the right information will not be accurate without being willing to sit down face to face and discuss the concerns. Just as women, need to study their husbands, husbands should study their wives and honestly attempt to understand their wives.


My personal goal is to complete my husband’s desires, as I desire him to complete mine. Working in tandem is and can be beautiful, if the two parties communicate with each other and address what needs they may have or what is to be done.

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