Are you Collecting Moments or Things?


Varun-Dhawan-Alia-Bhatt-Couple-HD-Wallpapers-Free-Download1I love the statement, “Collect moments not things”; which bring to the forefront what really matters. Being comfortable is a wonderful thing, but how you got there and the details of the journey are all together something that you cannot trade for things. The detail of the journey fortifies the strength of the relationship. We must be excited about all levels of the journey. I know that every part will not feel good, but you are progressing into what can only be created by the two of you.


Most people really love to live well and I absolutely want to enjoy a certain level of comfort; however, these desires cannot and should not out weigh the development of our love for our spouses or partners.


If you take a moment to really look at how your partner walked with you through difficult times, and their willingness to complete a task that was essentially yours or their efforts to calm you during turbulent times in your life; you must agree these are memorable times that you can not replace. These are essentially building blocks for your relationship.

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