About Us

After taking the necessary time to process and determine the route that is essential for the sustainability and growth of our brand, we are delighted to request that you take part in partnering with us as we join forces to bridge the gap for so many children and families in need through our philanthropic efforts.


For thirteen years, we were able to remain liquid and flow like water. As we moved we encountered obstacles but we never gave up hope or the will to assist when given the opportunity. However, in order for us to align our focus to reach our ultimate goal we need to reassess our infrastructure.


We are committed to ensuring that your gift benefit children and families in your community. This platform allows us the latitude to touch families in our local communities and the world at large.


Over the pass twelve years I have been afforded the opportunity to discover the beauty of the gifts that our children possess. In many cases, the children that I encountered were not in a great environment for their rare gift to be cultivated nor discovered. I am asking you to “Have a Heart” and give to another. You will be giving into your future and the further of your family and the world at large.


Our goal is to assist our children, adolescent, families and seniors; which are very dear to our founder’s heart. These populations need our assistance, yet they offer us so much in return. Would you take a moment to stop and ask yourself this question, “Where would I be without my past and future?” Yes, you are in the present, but your past offered you wisdom for your future and afforded you the knowledge to obtain the things you desire in life. Our seniors represent our past and our children represent our future. They deserve our investment and we reap the benefits. Are you willing to improve your future?


We will focus on our youth educational, self image, and weight management needs and securing the appropriate resolution for them.


I thank you in advance for your contribution and commitment to our communities and world.


Again, thank you.

Andrea Price